The travels

A cliche I know, but traveling can be educational, informative and enriching. Veronica and I have been lucky enough to travel to a number of places since 2007 – together and individually. These are our stories. Well, progressively atleast.

United States 2007

In October 2008, the first Human Dimensions in Wildland Fire conference was held in Denver, Colorado, United States. I was lucky enough to present at that conference on behalf of the NSW Rural Fire Service.

On a number of levels, my life changed after the US. I quit my job and moved into the community sector. And experiencing the rich cultural delights of exotic places has taken over!

Japan 2009

In 1979 Veronica and I traveled to New Zealand. Thirty years flew by before Japan came along, taking in the sights and delights of Tokyo, Kyoto, Matsumoto, and Takayama.

I have now been to Japan 6 times. The whole Japan thing can be read at

France 2010

France was always near the top of the destination shortlist.

United States came first, but due to a professional conference event. Japan started off because of football, and the trip in September 2009 was choice of destination

Taking the advice of friends we accepted that there will always be more places to see or experiences to be had than time available. Thus, our approach was then and continues to be now that we base ourselves in each place for a minimum of 3 nights, and make some attempt at taking in local cultural, art and historical highlights.

For our 3 weeks in France we stayed in Paris, Aix-en-Provence, and Roqubrunne-cap-Martin before travelling in to Italy.

Italy 2010

Italy was always in the Top5 of the destination shortlist, but always had the advantage of being close to France, which was our #1 choice.

For the couple of weeks in Italy we stayed in Densenzano, Venice, Florence and Rome, before flying out of Rome to Sydney.

Germany 2011

Veronica’s sister in Auckland was planning a trip to Germany to visit her son, who was living there with his German fiancee at the time. Over a Skype conversation, Veronica agreed to join Marion for a 2-week holiday in Germany in April 2011.

United States 2013

Everyone talked up New York. Boston and Washington were more our choices. Vermont was a chance to get out of the cities and get into the rural countryside.

France 2014?

At this stage it is in the top 2.



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