Like many travelers to far off lands, the planets starting aligning around when we both were approaching 50. Children finishing school and setting their independent paths, relative financial surety, and a strong desire to get in some of that traveling that we didn’t do when we were younger.

These pages and postings are not a philosophical treatise about traveling. Rather, they are a reproduction of the travel diaries of 2 Australians, with a few photographs thrown in. What more could you want?


I have been a classroom teacher in the Parramatta Diocese Catholic Education system for more than 30 years. Its damn hard work being upfront everyday, and I have recently moved out of the classroom to a specialised disability support role.


Tony’s 20 year employment at  local council was thrown into question when I was given the opportunity to travel to the United States in 2008 to present at a conference – not on my paid work, but about my volunteering role in fire-fighting.

I now work for the NSW Rural Fire Service, continue to be a volunteer fire-fighter and community educator, and have taken up travel musing and planning.

Trips so far:

  • 2008, October – United States (Tony)
  • 2009, February – Japan (Tony, Liam and Timothy)
  • 2009, September – Japan (Tony and Veronica)
  • 2010, October – France (Veronica and Tony)
  • 2010, October – Italy (Veronica and Tony)
  • 2011, March – Japan (Tony)
  • 2011, April – Germany (Veronica)
  • 2011, August – Japan (Tony)
  • 2012, May – Japan (Tony and Madeline)
  • 2013, April – United States (Veronica and Tony)
  • 2013, June – Japan (Tony)

Booked in:

  • 2014, April – Japan (Tony and Veronica)
  • 2014, September – The Netherlands, Belgium, France (Tony and Veronica)

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  1. Hi Tony & Veronica,
    Thanks for the follow.
    Enjoying reading through your escapades !
    Nice pictures too.
    Cheers !


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