Follow the Sun, Xavier Rudd and the Volendam – Marken Express

The Volendam Marken Express is a ferry that plies the usually tranquil waters between these two exquisite old fishing villages in The Netherlands, little more than 30 minutes by bus from Amsterdam.

Resting back in my seat on the open rear deck, waiting for the last of the aged passengers to hobble and shuffle on board, a sweet refrain wafted from the ferry’s PA.

the outside deck of the Volendam-Marken Express

the outside deck of the Volendam-Marken Express

Hey, I recognise that (short) guitar line. That voice is familiar. The line gave it away. “Follow the Sun”, the sweet tune from Xavier Rudd that is quintessentially Australian. Being played on a ferry in the Netherlands?

Go figure.

With a smile to myself and my heart skipping a beat, I could say I knew that tune. A nice connection back to Australia.

Have a look at the “Follow the Sun” video that beautifully melds this soft and soulful tune, lyrics of strength, with images of Indigenous culture of north-west Australia. Enjoy.



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