Someone please import fly screens to France.

Here we are, travelling in beautiful Bretagne (Brittany). At this moment in Saint Laurent, staying in an old rural farmhouse, sipping on our locally produced rosé after a day of visiting some fantastic sights.

On my count when walking this village, there are 10 houses amongst the endless fields of maize whose stalks away and rustle in unison to the constant breeze. Looking out through finely sewn lace curtains, the windows frame a view that just has to be from a painting of Monet.

So no neighbourhood noise. No children fighting in the backyard about the toys. No unhappy couples shouting at each other for no good reason. No dogs barking at what they like. No cars zooming by.

But one persistent aural pollution remains – and I hear it now as I type this angry post – buzzing mosquitos.

Saint Laurent is our third AirBnB stop in France after Rennes and Vieux-Vy-sur-Couesnon. Mosquitos at each house by the thousand.

It’s all well and good to have fantastic windows, those fancy ones that open sideways or outwards, or wooden ones with handles from medieval times, but how can you open them without being invaded by mosquitos? And what about the clouds of them inside the house that have bred incessantly since the last tenant?

Where is the good old Australian fly screen when you need it? I can only throw a pillow at the ceiling so many times before I break something. And I am getting a headache from swatting my ear as the annoying creatures orbit my head.

Oh, and by the way, I tried unsuccessfully to buy spray at the nearest supermarket to kill the flying pests. No Luck. Seems as though mosquitos are a protected species here.


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1 Response to Someone please import fly screens to France.

  1. Anna and Rob says:

    There is a company that supplies fly screens to France. We found to be very helpful.


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