Designer sleepovers. What’s the point?

So another adventure with Veronica commences. A 6:40am flight out of Sydney to Singapore meant we decided to stay over in a hotel near the International Terminal.

The purpose is to get there quickly and easily after work, have something to eat, have a good few hours sleep, hop on the courtesy bus, and be checked in well before 5:00am.

Getting there after work was easy. Training it to Wolli Creek then a flat 10 minute stroll in the evening cool to the hotel. Thumbs up for public transport. And for those folks incensed by the outrageous surcharge to use the International Terminal railway station, keep in mind that you can walk from Wolli Creek to the Terminal in about 15 minutes.

For food, literally next door to the hotel is the St George Sailing Club where you can get a very nice dinner for reasonable club prices. Yumm.

In dropping our bags off in the hotel room before going to the club, we were confronted by all that is bad about the plethora of reality TV home design and building shows.

Thrown over the sofa was this artistically placed bright orange giant pashmina. Maybe it had a previous life as a curtain. At first view I thought it looked very untidy, until my designer savvy partner advised me it had been placed there, with precision, and by a team of 3. It was draped there so sensuously I had to take a peek under it just in case one of the dancers from Moulin Rouge was still under it.

And so finally to sleep. Our so we thought until we got under the doña that was rated to cover an igloo. Turning down the air conditioning to zero only caused frost bite on exposed skin, those bits under cover continued to bubble and melt.

Jolted awake by the alarm, a refreshing shower, then downstairs to the courtesy bus. Considering 99% of the patrons to this hotel are overnighters for the airport, I found it just a tad strange that the first courtesy bus did not align with the first flights.

The walk was nice.


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Taking regular visitors routes but more often just where the trains or buses go. Japan leads the way.
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