Biking San Francisco’s Embarcadero

There is something exhilarating and crazy about riding a bike down a famous avenue, wind jacket puffed, white knuckle grip on the handle bars as noisy vehicles literally brush your legs. And San Francisco’s bayside Embarcadero is one of those places.

Discharged at Fisherman’s Wharf after being ferried back from Tiberon, the grand harbour side promenade beckoned.

The Embarcadero goes right along the famous waterfront past parks, weird and beautiful community art installations and numerous working and idle wharves. Traffic constantly moves along, with its incessant horn blowing. Mercifully, there is a defined bike lane for most of its length to give us idiots a limited sense of safety. And you also get the chance to ride beside great old trams as well, giving the good old single finger salute to surprised passengers and vistors with noses pressed against the windows.

052 SF Tram Embarcadero

old tram on the Embarcadero

015 SF public art 3

spectacular community art

It is a buzz to ride on the Embarcadero for about 4 kms, ending up at the famous Candlestick Park where the big baseball games are held.

054 SF Candlestick Park field

empty Candlestick Park

I don’t know much about San Francisco’s history, however I understand the Embarcadero has been a major waterside redevelopment project that included demolishing a rather ugly aerial expressway. What a great result!

Rather than doing the on-road route to return the bike, the preferred route took in the waterside pathways all the way back to Fishermans Wharf.

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Taking regular visitors routes but more often just where the trains or buses go. Japan leads the way.
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