Back into it

With dozens of stories to tell about United States and Europe I have been making a concerted effort to regularly post. And I have been doing more reading and commenting on other’s posts. For a couple of months this was going fine, but alas I disappeared recently. For good reason.

Now that's a big swimming pool
Now that’s a big swimming pool

The last couple of weeks have been traumatic for a large number of Blue Mountains families and individuals due to many bush fires. Over 300 homes were destroyed or damaged by fires in my community. Recovery in underway, but for many it may be a long and difficult process.

For me and my family, we are safe and ultimately were not directly affected. Inconvenience and minor disruption – insignificant in the scheme of things.

I have been a volunteer fire fighter for many years now. Before a really bad fire weather day last week, our Hazelbrook Brigade held a community information session. Thanks to social media, about 700 locals turned up. A nice problem to have, so we had to improvise by speaking from the back of a truck. I felt like I should have had a guitar!

What would the Boss sing next?
What would the Boss sing next?

I completed a share of 12 hour shifts on a fire truck. My wife took this shot to send to the kids. Just because I am a Crew Leader, I do get to do work.


I also work for the NSW Rural Fire Service which is the primary combat agency for bush fires, spending time on telephone services in the Recovery Centre.

just about to pack up on Bells Line of Road, Mt Tomah
just about to pack up on Bells Line of Road, Mt Tomah

If you are interested in finding out more about our recent bush fires, I suggest the ABC news website.


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  1. Mrs. N says:

    Thanks for following my humble blog- would you believe my first job was volunteer firefighting for the California Conservation core?! That was a loooong time ago- lol


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